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New Visible Diode Laser Modules Feature High CW Power and Superior Beam Quality

Santa Clara, California, January 30, 2017 –Coherent has expanded their DILAS family of CW, fiber-coupled diode laser modules with two new visible wavelengths – delivering 2 watts at 520 nm (green) and 1.4 watts at 638 nm (red). Because these OEM modules are based on Coherent | DILAS’ unique, multi-single- emitter technology, they provide high optical efficiency and excellent beam quality. They are both offered with SMA connectors for 200 µm fiber having a 0.22 numerical aperture (NA) to enable simple collimation, as well as tight focusing to a small, high-intensity beam waist. The combination of compact (17 mm x 30 mm x 62 mm) packaging, fiber coupling, conduction cooling, and an internal NTC temperature sensor simplifies integration into a broad range of instruments and systems across life sciences, machine vision, and other OEM applications.

These unique DILAS modules avoid the well-known trade-off between power and coupling efficiency by imaging the output of several single emitters into one fiber using proprietary beam combining and shaping optics. The result is a module with the coupling efficiency and output quality of a single emitter, but with the higher power of a multi-emitter bar. These new modules are supplied in housings that are optomechnically identical to the existing ultraviolet (405 nm) and blue (450 nm) modules.

By extending the range of this modular platform from the UV through the RGB spectrum, these new high performance visible lasers are ideal for numerous photonic and biophotonic applications requiring multiple watts of green or red visible light. Examples include confocal microscopy, drug discovery, array readers, multi-wavelength flow cytometry, photodynamic therapy (PDT), white light generation, and pumping titanium:sapphire lasers.

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