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Rev. 1/28/2021
HardWare Platform Software Platform Software Revision Win 7 32/64-bit Win 8 64-bit Win 10 64-bit UNIX/ Linux Notes
FieldMaxII-TOP/TO/P FieldMax PC Limited yes yes no Note 2,3, 2018 LV runtime 64-bit drivers for win10. (No dual instance)
LabMax-TOP/TO/P (USB / RS232 port) LabMax PC 1.7.1 Limited yes yes no Note 1,2,3, includes 64-bit drivers.
LabMax Pro PC SSIM (USB / RS232 port)
Coherent Meter Connection Limited yes yes no Note 1,2,3 SSIM meters, no license for basic functionality
PowerMax-USB / RS232
Coherent Meter Connection Limited yes yes no Note 1,2,3 All USB/RS sensors, no license for basic functionality
PowerMax-USB / RS232
PowerMax PC 2.2.0 Limited Limited Limited no Note 1,2,3 Win10 builds during Jan21 have experienced issues with communication
EnergyMax-USB / RS232
EnergyMax PC 1.2. Limited yes yes no Note 1,2,3 RS232 sensors do not use drivers, so not OS dependant. Help About states ver 1.0
LaserCam-HR II 2/3", 1/2", & UV profiling cameras
BeamView.NET 5.0.18 Limited yes yes no does not support InGaAs cameras
LaserCam-HR InGaAs profiling camera BeamView 4.8.3 Limited yes yes no Updated for win10 includes updated 64-bit drivers
ModeMaster ModeMaster-PC 3.03.1 Limited yes yes no USB firmware update for Win10 operation required.
BeamMaster USB
BeamMaster Limited yes yes no Win10 OS requires the unit build of 2014 or later. 2014-2017 may need USB chip set upgrade.

Note 1: UNIX / LINUX operating systems, the RS232 will work with remote commands. RS232 sensors do not use drivers, so not dependent on the operating system

Note 2: LabView uses 32bit drivers predominantly, Must use 32bit versions of the software.

Note 3: No Matlab or Python hooks or interface offered.

Support Legend

Limited Legacy OS has worked, limited support
no No support
yes Currently supported

The Value of a Coherent Calibration

When you send your meter or sensor back for service, Coherent provides much more than just a calibration.

Many of our meters and sensors service items include both calibration and minor repairs. This means that in addition to calibration we replace damaged components and recertify the product as able to perform to the same specifications as when it was new.  In addition, eligible products receive an extended 12 month warranty following recertification. This is the same 12 month warranty we offer on a brand new product.

A large percentage of our calibrations are performed within five business days, and expedited service is available, to minimize our customer’s downtime.

Calibration of a Coherent power and energy laser measurement product includes:

  • Calibration to original uncertainty levels
  • Minor repairs (see note below)
  • Extended 12 month warranty, on eligible products
  • Fast calibration turn around time.

Minor repairs includes fixing manufacturer’s defects, hardware updates, firmware, software updates, damaged connectors, and other small repairs. Detector element replacement due to laser damage and damage caused by negligent use is not covered – for customer caused damaged an additional repair service charge is applied.

This level of service results in an overall lower cost of ownership for our customers. Those customers who routinely send products in for annual calibration are realizing a lifetime warranty for their products.

By choosing Coherent you are choosing a company you can rely on for fast delivery, low warranty rate, and lower overall cost of ownership.

Recertify Once a Year 

Coherent laser power and energy meters are precision instruments, capable of delivering very accurate measurements as well as providing many years of useful service. To maintain this high level of performance, and to ensure compliance with your quality and ISO certification, it is important to have your measurement system serviced and recertified once per year.

Extended use of laser power and energy meters and sensors, as well as environmental factors, can have an adverse effect on accuracy and also result in wear and/or damage to parts critical to optimum performance.

Coherent Calibration Facilities and Capabilities: ISO 17025 Accredited

As the world's largest laser manufacturer, Coherent calibration facilities contain the widest possible range of light sources from 193 nm to 10,600 nm, with powers ranging nanowatts to kilowatts.  

Coherent's investment in service and calibration facilities and personnel is an on-going process, and we strive to maintain our unique technological edge. 

Coherent's Wilsonville, Oregon calibration laboratory is fully accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 by ACLASS, a brand of the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board and recognized internationally by ILAC, APLAC, and IAAC. Certification to ISO 17025 is a formal recognition that a calibration laboratory is using valid and appropriate methods and is competent to carry out specified tests or calibrations.

A detailed discussion of the Scope of Accreditation and the Technical Requirements of ISO 17025 Accreditation can be found on our ISO 17025:2005 Accredited web page.

In addition, Coherent team delivers the industry's best service, with a knowledgeable and responsive staff, and rapid turnaround.

Obtaining Service
To arrange for warranty service or annual recalibration, contact your closest Coherent service center to obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number.
Location Phone Fax E-mail
USA 800 343 4912 503 454 5727
Asia 813 5635 8680 813 5635 8681
Europe 49 6071 9680 49 6071 968499
Detailed instructions for preparing and shipping your instrument can be found on the RMA tab.


Please have the following information available:

  • Model Number
  • Serial Number
  • Purchase Order Number

How long will it take?

After receiving the item to be serviced and following customer approval to proceed with the work, we are typically able to ship your product back within five working days. Some products take longer, and many products are turned around faster than this. Expedited service, including 24-hour service, is available for an additional charge.

RMA - Instructions for Returning Equipment for Repair and Calibration

To prepare your instrument meter or sensor for return to Coherent, make a tag that includes the name and address of the owner, the contact individual, the serial number, and the RMA number you received from Coherent Customer Service. Attach this tag to the unit.

Wrap the product with polyethylene sheeting or equivalent material. If the original packing material and carton are not available, use a corrugated cardboard shipping carton with inside dimensions at least 6 in. (15 cm) taller, wider, and deeper than the product. The shipping carton must be constructed of cardboard with a minimum 375 lbs. (170 kg) test strength. Cushion the instrument unit in the shipping carton with packing material or urethane foam on all sides between the carton and the instrument or probe sensor. Allow 3 in. (7.5 cm) clearance on all sides, top, and bottom. Seal the shipping carton with shipping tape or an industrial stapler.

Shipping addresses for our repair and calibration facilities are given below:

Coherent Laser Measurement and Control Service Center
Attn: (your RMA number)
27650 SW 95th Avenue
Wilsonville, OR 97070

Coherent (Deutschland) GmbH
Dieselstr. 5 b
D-64807 Dieburg

Coherent Japan
Toyo MK Building
7-2-14 Toyo
Koto-Ku, Tokyo
135-0016 Japan

The following links provide application notes about our products and essays on the topic of laser measurement:

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