Chameleon Discovery
Chameleon Discovery

Chameleon Discovery

One box widely tunable femtosecond laser for two photon microscopy and ultrafast spectroscopy.

Chameleon Discovery with TOTAL POWER CONTROL is the first turnkey ultrafast source to offer fast modulation on the laser outputs which streamlines multiphoton microscopy setup and optimizes performance.

Dual Output, Broadly Tunable Laser for Multiphoton Imaging

Chameleon Discovery is an ultrafast tunable laser with performance that truly redefines possibilities for non-linear imaging.

A combination of high average power across a full octave spanning tuning range (660 nm to 1320 nm) and short pulses delivered right to the sample plane, enables deep in-vivo excitation of all popular fluorescent probes like eGFP and YFP. The long wavelength capabilities perfectly address the ongoing developments in RFPs and red-shifted calcium indicators. High peak power ensures optimized performance for label-free techniques such as SHG and THG.

A high power (3.5 W at 1040 nm), secondary output further allows simultaneous, multi-wavelength excitation of multiple fluorescent markers or photoactivation of optogenetics probes. The two outputs of the laser have phase-locked pulse trains, enabling CARS and SRS microscopy.

Chameleon Discovery with Total Power Control

Total Power Control (TPC) represents a landmark advancement in the evolution of turnkey multiphoton laser sources, offering high-speed power modulation on both outputs. Users can now enjoy the full suite of two photon power control methods such as optimising brightness across z-stacks, flyback blanking and more.

Pristine beam quality, power contrast, and stability can now be delivered directly into the microscope scan head so users may spend more time on acquiring quality images and less time on system setup and maintenance.

Coherent Chameleon Discovery with TPC video thumbnail

The New Chameleon Discovery with Total Power Control

Introduced at Society for Neurosciences 2017 in Washington D.C., the New Chameleon Discovery with Total Power Control is the first laser of its type to offer built-in, fast power modulation on both outputs for a variety of multiphoton imaging requirements.
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Wavelength Extensions for Powerful Spectroscopy and Microscopy

The octave spanning tuning of Chameleon Discovery can be augmented by The Discovery VUE second harmonic generation, giving gap-free tuning from 330 nm to 1320 nm.

Tuning to the Mid-IR range is also possible using the Levante IR femtosecond OPO, which is pumped by the 1040 nm output from the Discovery. This gives tuning out to 5 µm, and even up to 15 µm with difference frequency generation (DFG).

Typical Tuning and Power graph for Chameleon Discovery and Discovery TPC

Typical Pulse Duration:

Typical Pulse Duration graph for Chameleon Discovery

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Life Sciences
Multiphoton Excitation (MPE)
Terahertz Imaging
Flow Cytometry
Multidimensional Spectroscopy

Features & Benefits

Chameleon Discovery is totally automated, with a simple interface that allows fast tuning and easy integration with commercial and home-built microscope systems. The rugged testing demanded by Coherent’s industrial design process ensures high system uptime and low maintenance.

  • Automated hands free operation
  • High average and high peak power for excellent fluorescent yield and efficiency
  • GDD dispersion compensated output for optimized peak power at the sample plane
  • Secondary output standard with high average power for multiwavelength imaging and optogenetics photoactivation
  • Synchronized output pulse trains for CARS/SRS and wavelength mixing
  • Industrial design for high uptime and reliability

Additional Applications

  • Multiphoton Excitation Microscopy
  • Second Harmonic Generation Imaging
  • Third Harmonic Generation Imaging
  • CARS/SRS Microscopy
  • Optogenetics
  • Ultrafast Spectroscopy
  • Non-linear Optics

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