Chameleon Vision

Chameleon Vision lasers expand the suite of multiphoton imaging solutions, setting the benchmark for integrated precompensation. They feature highest peak power and the broadest range of GVD in a compact package.

Widely Tunable, Single Box Precompensation, Hands-Free, Modelocked Ti:Sapphire Laser

Chameleon Vision adds dispersion precompensation to the Ultra platform ensuring the short pulses are delivery right to the sample plane. Multiple curves that automatically adjust according to the wavelength of interest can be setup over a wide dynamic range of 0 fs2 to more than 22000fs2 at 800nm.

The wavelength range can be extended to 1340 nm with the Chameleon MPX.

Typical output power, Chameleon Vision II

Chameleon Vision Typical Output Power graph

Chameleon Vision S Where peak power is the absolutely the key focus of a particular imaging regime, or where linear absorption limits the amount of average power in a sample volume, Vision S delivers very short pulses right to the sample plane.

Typical Pulse duration, Vision S

Chameleon Vision Typical Pulse Duration graph

Typical Peak Power, Vision S

Chameleon Vision Typical Peak Power graph

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GUI Software V2.83 - 32bit Setup
GUI Software V2.83 - 64bit Setup



• Multiphoton Excitation (MPE)
• Spectroscopy
• Terahertz Imaging
• Time Resolved Luminescence and Spectroscopy

Features & Benefits

Imagine an optical design innovation that enables better images by allowing you to optimize negative dispersion, power or tuning range without compromising stability or beam quality. The new Chameleon Vision gives you all of the above.

After years of experience with multi photon microscopy laser sources, in 2002 we introduced the Chameleon – the first laser specifically designed for MPE - and we continue to improve its capabilities year after year. The Chameleon Vision embodies Coherent innovation and technical leadership, and demonstrates our continuing commitment to expand the frontiers of your non-linear imaging research. With the introduction of integrated precompensation into our Chameleon family of lasers you are provided all the sources you need to produce the best images with the widest range of fluorophores, microscopes and samples.

The Chameleon Vision-S now adds high peak power capability to the already established superior Vision dispersion compensation technology.

The Chameleon Vision family consists of the Chameleon Vision, offering widest tuning and highest average power and now theChameleon Vision-S, offering high peak power for those applications that require it.

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