Photo of the desk-top EasyMark XL laser marker from CoherentEasyMark XLEasyMark XL
Photo of the desk-top EasyMark XL laser marker from Coherent

EasyMark XL

Table-top laser marking system with XL housing for more space and larger marking fields.

Fiber laser-based system for marking and engraving metals and plastics with a choice of different focal lengths.

The EasyMark XL is a compact desktop laser-based marking system with a small physical footprint (770L x 540W x 750H mm) but featuring a large marking field (up to 240 mm x 240 mm). In addition, the beam delivery optics have a 120 mm range of motion on a precision rail mechanism for focus adjustment. Altogether, this allows marking of larger products and parts with a large and/or variable thickness/height, plus simultaneous marking of batches of parts.

The EasyMark XL combines a fiber laser with a moving scan head and stationary part platform. This simplifies the design of tooling to hold the part and ensures high precision and excellent mark consistency. Plus, an integrated camera system simplifies precise operator positioning of the mark. The optional AppSuite is enabling 3D deep engraving.The EasyMark XL also features ease of use, thanks to an intuitive graphical user interface (EasyGUI) that supports both simple and sophisticated functions. It is available with a 20 W or 50 W fiber laser, optionally equipped with Varia, an adjustable laser pulse width technology for precise optimization to match your workpiece material. This maximizes both the range of materials and the types of marks it can produce; EasyMark XL can create both vector and grayscale marks on a wide range of metals or plastics. A choice of different focal lenses and optical configurations tailors the EasyMark XL to your specific application requirement.

The 3D engraving option is a package to upgrade the EasyMark XL that includes the AppSuite software that simplifies and integrates all the steps involved in 3D marking and deep engraving. This unique software package is particularly suitable for the deep engraving of small series and single pieces, as needed in the production of molds and stamps, jewelry, watches, and other luxury goods.

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