Genesis MX MTM Series OEM
Genesis MX MTM Series OEM

Genesis MX MTM-Series

The Genesis MX MTM-Series is a family of high-power continuous wave (CW) lasers for medical, scientific and industrial applications. It is available from 460 nm to 1154 nm and output power up to 10W.

  • The Genesis MX MTM end-user system is turnkey, CDRH, and CE compliant. It comes with a complete with a front-panel power supply interface with both air and water-cooled systems available.
  • The Genesis MX MTM OEM head is a component and comes with an optional electronics kit or OEM/end-user power supply. Additional accessories include air or water-cooling, a collimator, a fiber port (FC or SMA), and a shutter.

Software is also included to interface with your existing software or as a standalone with our graphical user interface.

Download the Life Sciences Catalog to learn more:

Compact Solution for High-Power Applications

Genesis MX MTM
Up to 8W visible, 10W IR
Standard Wavelengths
460 nm to 1154 nm
Beam Quality
M2 ~ 5
Noise % RMS
< 1%
Stability 8 Hours
< ± 1%
Collimation, shutter, and fiber coupling options

Genesis MX MTM Software

CohrHOPS DLL (CohrHopsDemo v2.0.7, DLL)
Dynamic Link Libraries for the MX laser - Collection of libraries for communication to the laser device
FTDI drivers for the MX laser - Device drivers for the MX laser device
OPSL gui
Graphical User Interface for the MX laser
Diagnostic software for the MX laser - Software used to check laser health

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