Mira 900 Ti:Sapphire Laser Oscillator
Mira 900 Ti:Sapphire Laser Oscillator

Mira 900

The Mira 900 Family includes Mira Femto, the Mira Pico, and Mira Dual (femto + pico) Ti:Sapphire laser systems.

More Mira 900 oscillators are in use today than any other modelocked Ti:Sapphire laser system. The Mira 900 combines simplicity and reliability in an innovative design to produce the most powerful and versatile ultrafast laser system available.

The Mira 900 Family of Ultrafast Ti:sapphire Lasers

The innovative design of the Mira-900 system makes switching between continuous-wave, picosecond and femtosecond operation simple, while passive Kerr lens modelocking provides greater ease-of-use and reliability.

Our built-in Optima control and diagnostics system enables easy adjustment of the output wavelength, pulse width and power. Optima features a fast photodiode, relative power monitor, ß-lock, CW detector, humidity sensor and an automatic starter.

A wide range of accessories is available for the Mira-900. These allow operation at lower repetition-rate (Pulse Picker), shorter wavelengths (Harmonic Generator, Mira-OPO-VIS), longer wavelengths (Mira-OPO-IR), and the ability to deliver a transform limited pulse at the sample (SPO-1, SPO-2, CPC).

Features & Benefits

  • Simple stable Kerr lens modelocking for ease-of-use and reliability
  • Femtosecond, picosecond, and continuous-wave operation
  • X-Wave single optics set allows wavelength tuning from 700 nm to 1000 nm
  • Verdi 532 nm pump sources between 5W and 12W deliver diode-pumped stability and reliability
  • Optima system provides advanced system monitoring and control
  • Sealed purgeable enclosure results in higher reliability and full wavelength coverage
  • Integrated pump steering optics make pump alignment easy
  • Auxiliary CW cavity for general setup and continuous- wave operation

Options and Accessories

  • Short pulse option: <70 fs
  • Long pulse option: >5 ps
  • 2nd, 3rd, and 4th harmonic generation
  • Mira-OPO synchronously-pumped OPO
  • Pulse picker
  • Synchrolock-AP
  • SPO-1, SPO-2 and compact pulse compressors



• Raman Spectroscopy

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