OPA 9400/9450

The optical parametric amplifiers extend the wavelength coverage of the RegA 9000/RegA 9040 high repetition-rate (250 kHz) regenerative amplifiers into the visible and infrared spectral ranges.

Optical Parametric Amplifiers for RegA 9000/9050 Regenerative Amplifier Accessory

The OPA 9400/9450 are highly efficient and easy-to-use passive devices. Pulses from the RegA amplifier are split into two beams. One beam produces whitelight continuum to seed the parametric amplification process while the other beam pumps the BBO non-linear crystal.

Multiple outputs are available and all beams are inherently synchronized, because they originate from the same pump pulse. Tuning involves a simple manual adjustment of the OPA crystal and a delay line.

The main outputs consist of a signal beam tunable from 480-700 nm, and an idler beam tunable from 930-2300 nm.

  • Wide spectral coverage from UV to IR
  • Ease of use
  • Variable repetition rate
  • Multiple output beams
  • Frequency-doubling option

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