StarCut Tube Laser Tube Cutting System StarCut Tube SL Laser Tube Cutting System
StarCut Tube Laser Tube Cutting System

StarCut Tube Machine

Our StarCut Tube laser cutting systems comprise of very specialized solutions for cutting medical implants to highly flexible all-purpose platform solutions like the Cube. All systems (StarCut Tube / StarCut Tube SL) have a complete solution design. Depending on the application, you can choose from our wide range of laser sources to be integrated into the complete solution. High precision CNC controlled axes and a high performance, flexible control concept are the basis for customized optimized solutions for manual to fully automated manufacturing.

High-Precision Laser Tube Cutting Systems with High Throughput Rate

  • Up to 50 % higher throughput with faster axes and more dynamic motion system
  • Fully automated tube loading
  • High-precision cutting system for medical implants or instruments
  • Capable of cutting struts smaller than a human hair
  • Completely integrated and easy-to-maintain wet cutting module
  • Automatic tube feeder for dry and wet cutting
  • Viewing via mircoscope or camera for the exact monitoring fo the cutting process
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) with Security user access level, diagnostic and data logging for validated processes and user-friendly operation
  • New cutting head with adjustable x/y process gas nozzle and easy change of protection glass
  • Off-center cuts and engravings can be made in just one process step
  • Workpiece removal even during the cutting process
  • Fiber and/or femto laser can be integrated into StarCut Tube
  • Sorter module adaptable
  • IQ / OQ for FDA documentation according to GMP

The StarCut Tube systems are 4-axes CNC laser cutting solutions for fully-automated cutting of tube and flat material, especially for medical instruments and implants like stents and other high-precision parts. Frequently, the systems allow reducing numerous mechanical machining steps into a single laser processing routine.

With CNC-driven rotary-, x-, y- and z-axes and a solid granite machine set-up, even taper-free or offset cuts are as easy as an ultra-precise processing of oval tubes or flat parts. A new tube loading module with a side-loading magazine for tubes of 2 to 20 mm diameter and up to 3 m length allows for fully-automated hands-off production.

The StarCut Tube can be powered with our ultrashort pulse laser StarFemto FX or fiber laser StarFiber FC and achieves contour accuracies on the workpiece with better than +/- 5 µm. Femtosecond lasers allow cold laser cutting of almost all metals and low-melting biodegradable polymer materials for scaffolds.


Available as integration module with Autoloader StarFeed S and StarFeed L

Typical applications for medical device technology such as laser cutting of stents & scaffolds, heart valves, endoscope & surgical instruments, hypotubes & guide wires

Features & Benefits

StarCut Tube

  • Massive and proven granite set-up
  • Tube diameter up to 30 mm
  • Flat cutting option
  • Available with 2, 3 or 4 axes
  • Laser Source - Available in StarFemto FX ultrashort pulse laser or StarFiber 180/320 FC fiber laser

StarCut Tube SL

  • Smallest footprint in the market
  • Tube diameter up to 15 mm
  • Massive and proven mineral cast set-up
  • Only 3 side accessibility necessary (minimizes production floor and allows high package density)
  • Laser Source - Available in StarFiber 180/320 FC fiber laser