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Coherent EnergyMax Laser Sensors

EnergyMax Sensors

Coherent EnergyMax sensors enable laser pulse energy measurement over a broader range of wavelengths, repetition rates, pulse energies and beam diameters. Superior performance characteristics such as high damage resistance, and high repetition rates combined with large active areas, and low noise make EnergyMax sensor your best choice no matter what your particular laser energy measurement need.

EnergyMax sensors are compatible with:

  • FieldMaxII-TOP
  • FieldMaxII-P
  • LabMax-TOP
  • LabMax-Pro SSIM
  • USB and RS232 models are also available

Note: 10 kHz sensors are the only EnergyMax sensors not compatible with FieldMaxII due to the high repetition rate.

EnergyMax Performance Advantages:

  • Superior damage resistance
  • High repetition rate operation
  • Large dynamic range gives each sensor broad coverage
  • Low noise and excellent linearity for greater accuracy
  • Large active area

EnergyMax Convenience Features:

  • High accuracy, spectral compensation characteristics built into each unit
  • Onboard sensors provide automatic temperature compensation
  • Modular heat sinks to extend measurement range
  • Compact size to enable measurements within instruments
  • Molded cable with bend and strain relief protects against rough handling

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