EnergyMax-USB/RS Sensors

A line of EnergyMax USB and RS232 enabled sensors in which the meter instrumentation has been miniaturized and integrated into the sensor head cable itself, offering the following additional benefits and capabilities:

  • EnergyMax-RS/USB sensors provide RS-232 connectivity
    • RS-232 for OEM embedded applications

  • Low Cost of Ownership
    • Lower initial cost compared to traditional meter + sensor systems
    • Lower calibration cost (no separate meter to calibrate)
    • Simple integration lowers implementation costs

  • Fast 14-bit A/D converter supports measurement accuracy similar to that found in LabMAx-TOP meter
  • Ability to log every pulse at a data rate sup to 10 kHz directly to a file (USB)
  • Synchronized dual unit operation to support A/B ratiometry
  • State-of-the-art EnergyMax Sensor Technology

Coherent’s “Meterless” Technology

Coherent’s EnergyMax series of “meterless” laser energy sensors meet the demand for more compact and economical energy measurement instrumentation, while also providing a range of interface options that better satisfy the needs of both OEMs and laboratory users.

A host computer is used for instrument control, data acquisition and information display through a choice of USB and RS-232 interfaces. This approach particularly facilitates their use in embedded systems, simplifies calibration, and lowers total cost of ownership.

Coherent has developed a comprehensive software package for use with these sensors called EnergyMax PC. The software is shipped with each sensor on an installation CD and now available to download off the web below..

The applications software provides:

  • Trending and Histogram plots for the most recent 10,000 data points
  • Statistics and data logging of nearly unlimited large batch sizes.
  • Tuning indicator
  • A/B ratiometry from two units in the Synchronized trending tab. Synchronized data can also be logged to file for external analysis.
  • View and control multiple units simultaneously on the same PC in separate windows. This is useful for burn-in stations. (Note: Due to the high data rate it is recommended to use a basic ~$600-700 Quad Core processor of about 2.5 GHz or faster when operating more than one unit, otherwise the display update rate will slow down.)
  • Flexible sample collection and batch size selection
  • Support for USB and RS-232 units

Visit the Support & Download Center for application software, manuals, datasheets and more.

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