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kW PowerMax-Pro Sensors

kW PowerMax-Pro Sensor

Kilowatt class power measurement with extended average power handling capability up to 3 kW with a 20 microsecond rise time and utilizing the same transverse thermoelectric thin-film HD sensor technology as our standard PowerMax-Pro sensor.

kW PowerMax Pro Sensor


  • Very Fast 20 μsec response time
  • Measures high average power to 3 kW
  • Large 30 mm active area
  • Less than 1% back reflection
  • QBH adapter available

PowerMax-Pro (Patent #9,059,346) represents a dramatic technological advancement in laser power sensing that combines the dynamic range and laser damage resistance of a thermopile with the response speed of a semiconductor photodiode. The sensor is so fast that a kW laser measurement reaches steady state in less than 100 microseconds with no overshoot. This capability provides nearly instantaneous high power measurement.

In traditional kW thermopile detectors, heat is generated in the absorbing coating when it is struck by the laser. The heat must then move through the thick copper substrate out to the edges, a distance of several centimeters, to where the thermocouple array is located. This heat flow takes time, which is why thermopiles take a minute or longer to steady out after the laser is turned on.

The high response speed of PowerMax-Pro sensors is particularly advantageous in commercial applications, where it enables CW laser power and pulsed laser energy to be sampled much more frequently, resulting in increased throughput and improved process control.

Specifications PMP 1 kW PMP 3 kW
Average Power Range¹ (continuous) 1W to 1 kW 1W to 3 kW
Maximum Pulsed Peak Power (kW) 1 5
Noise Equivalent Power
Standard Mode (10 Hz) <50 mW
High Speed Mode (20 kHz) <0.5W
Snapshot Mode (625 kHz) <1.5W
Maximum Power Density (kW/cm²) 5.0 at 1 kW avg. power 2.4 at 3 kW avg. power
Rise Time (μs) ≤20
Fall Time (μs) ≤20
Protective Front Window Available for 1070 nm model (see part number below)
Active Area (mm)
Axis 30 (element is 57 mm from front plate)
Vertical Axis 27.5 (element is 57 mm from front plate)
Minimum Beam Size (mm) 10 at 1 kW avg. power 20 at 3 kW avg. power
Calibration Uncertainty (&%) (k=2) ±2.5
Power Linearity (%) ±3
Back Reflection (%) <1
when used with QBH Adapter 0
Wavelength Range (%) Fixed calibration point ±50
Calibration Wavelength² 810 nm, 1070 nm, 10.6 μm
Cooling Method³ Water
Cable Type DB25
Cable Length 3m (9.8ft.)

¹ See power handling curve for beam size requirements.

² Wavelengths typical; model dependent.

³ 1 gpm water flow with less than 10 PSI back pressure.

Part Numbers
Options PMP 1 kW PMP 3 kW
810 nm (no window) 1324794 1325222
10.6 µm (no window) 1324795 1325223
1070 nm (no window) 1324796 1325224
810 nm, 1070 nm and 10.6 µm (no window) 1324797 1325225
1070 nm (with window) 1325221 1325226
Optional Accessories
QBH Adapter Plate 1319787
C-Mount Adapter Plate 1319788
Replacement 1070 nm Window 1324793

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