Laser Systems for the Jewelry Industry

Laser Systems for the Jewelry Industry

Welding, marking, and engraving for jewelry

With years of experience supporting the jewelry industry, we understand its unique requirements. That’s why our systems enable users to rapidly perform delicate jewelry manufacturing and repair tasks with unmatched part-to-part consistency and high quality. Coherent laser marking, engraving, and welding systems improve productivity and reduce costs.

laser inside marking of ring laser ring marking laser ring marking with ornaments laser seal marking laser watch repair laser surface structuring laser processing of jewelry laser processing of pendants

Quick and Precise Cutting of Parts with complex contours

Laser cutting is a software-based, easy to automate method that is especially suited to the production of complex parts in both small-batch and large-batch runs. The high precision and small kerf width of laser cuts (smaller than 20 microns in fine sheet material) allows very small radii. This enables the production of filigree and complex design shapes in even very small components. Minimum burr formation occurs on the cut edges so that minimal post-processing is required. Depending on the laser type, all commonly used precious metal alloys, and also many other materials such as brass, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, German silver, copper, wood or acrylic, can be cut with high accuracy. Material thicknesses which can be processed range from thin foils up to 5 mm. The production of customized jewelry with lasers is quite simple. Any contour can be created on the computer in just a few minutes and transferred directly to the material. Cutting dies are no longer necessary.

automotive laser cutting Laser Cutting of Costume Jewelry

The laser also cuts thicker material at high speeds without tool wear.

For these application we recommend: ExactCut

automotive laser cuttingLaser Cutting of Delicate Structures

Designs with cut radii in the range of 0.1 millimeter can be created with the laser.

For these applications we recommend: ExactCut

automotive laser cutting Tube Cutting

Cuts made in the base material in a single pass. Our laser system cuts tubes just like flat material.

For these applications we recommend: StarCut Tube

The Perfect Joining Method for Filigree Parts Made of Precious Metal

The unique capabilities of manual welding systems have revolutionized manufacturing and repair work in the jewelry industry. Using these tools, workpieces are manually positioned in the machine and viewed through a microscope with crosshair. They are then permanently spot welded, without the need for expensive clamps or time-consuming wire binding. Precious metals and alloys can be welded without any filler or soldering material. Laser weld seam is extremely robust and requires only minor post processing. Impurities of potentially toxic alloys are avoided.Our company developed the first manual laser welder in 1992. Today, we are the market leader with more than 4,000 installed systems which receive constant enhancements. A number of innovations, especially our sweet spot resonator(R) and MicroWeld option(R), have made manual laser welding very easy.

automotive laser cutting New Settings

Employing micro welding of the finest metal sheets, transparent clamps can be created very near heat-sensitive precious stones. These then fix the stone between the two thin sheets, and directly above and below the girdle. The lower side of the stone remains free.

For these application we recommend: Desktop, Performance

automotive laser cuttingDesign

The highly localized and limited heat input allows welding very near heat-sensitive materials, like wood, plastic, precious stones, pearls or springs. Even mesh-like designsand other filigree structures made of wires smaller than 0.1 mm can be created.

For these applications we recommend: Desktop, Performance

automotive laser cutting Assembly

Difficult fixtures (e.g. clusters) which are usually set in wax and covered with plaster, or require time consuming steel wire binding, are not necessary. Two different alloys (for

example gold/steel) can be joined without any problem.

For these applications we recommend: Desktop, Performance

automotive laser cuttingLaser Welding of Necklaces

During assembly, chain links are welded inside the machine, and, in most cases, post-processing is not necessary. The weld shows higher strength than a soldered joint.

For these applications we recommend: Desktop, Performance

automotive laser cuttingRepair Work

There are endless possibilities: precious stones or clasp springs do not have to be removed before welding. Even alloys which are difficult to process, like pewter and white metal, can be laser welded.

For these applications we recommend: Desktop, Performance

Efficient Marking and Engraving of Rings and Jewelry

The most useful laser marking application is surely inside-ring engraving. Here, the precision of the laser marker allows for designs which cannot be realized using conventional methods. Facsimiles of handwriting with calligraphic quality and various line widths can be reproduced true to the original. Another outstanding characteristic of the laser marker is efficiency. A standard engraving with a depth of two to three tenths of a millimeter can be done easily within only a few minutes - including set-up times. In the goldsmith’s studio, laser marking systems are also useful for hallmarking, for inlay work or channel setting, and marking of bevel settings. Here, both the excellent beam quality, which enables efficient and high-quality processing of precious metals, as well as the overall system ease-of-use, are important factors. Additionally, a flexible ring fixture, such as offered with Coherent´s EasyJewel, is absolutely necessary for engraving conical rings or rings designed with gemstones. The standard, commercially available fixture, which holds the ring at three spots concentrically, does not take into account the irregular shape of these rings and, hence, does not conform to the interior surface adequately.

automotive laser cutting Ring Engraving

The laser marker engraves inner, outer and front sides of rings. The engraving is deeper and offers higher contrast than any engraving by hand that can be produced in reasonable time.

For these application we recommend: EasyJewel

automotive laser cuttingChannel settings

For channel settings, the laser ablates the material down to a depth of 0.4 to 0.6 mm - without any corner radius, which is unavoidable using rotating milling tools.

For these applications we recommend: EasyJewel

automotive laser cutting Hallmarks

Hallmarking can be applied without any mechanical load. Thus, it can be applied at the end of the production process, which is the most suitable time.

For these applications we recommend: EasyJewel

automotive laser cuttingEngraving of Crystals

Laser engraving on a rock crystal: the engraving is a scanned handwriting sample and is reproduced calligraphically, absolutely true to the original.

For these applications we recommend: PowerLine E