Lasers and Systems for Medical Device Manufacturing

When precision matters most

Whether you need a laser, laser sub-system, or a complete manufacturing machine, you can depend on Coherent for precision, quality, process development, and exceptional after-the-sale support. Drawing on the broadest portfolio of laser and laser-related technologies anywhere, Coherent brings decades of experience, technical innovation, and support commitment to deliver the optimum solution to your medical device manufacturing challenges.

Cutting of tubes for transcatheter aortic valve replacement

Cutting tubes for transcatheter aortic valve replacement - TAVR

Transcatheter valve replacement is a minimally invasive procedure that enables heart valve replacement without open heart surgery. The replacement valve is a metal (e.g., nitinol) scaffold coated in denatured mammalian material. The scaffold has a complex shape that is challenging to the laser cutting machine.

For this application, we recommend: StarCut Tube SL

Black Marking

Black Marking of medical devices

With a laser sub-system based on a picosecond laser, Coherent offers an optimum solution for permanent unique device identifier (UDI) marking of stainless steel devices. It delivers a contamination-free, sub-surface mark with very high contrast without the corrosion/passivation and fading issues associated with conventional thermal laser marking. The same sub-system can also mark plastics and other materials, maximizing its utility and value.

For this application, we recommend: PowerLine Rapid NX

3D Cutting of Insulin Pens

3D Cutting of insulin pens

Complete turnkey systems based on the latest fiber laser technology are ideal for cutting insulin pens and other applications that need fine features in temperature sensitive materials such as nitinol. The combination of a high-quality laser beam that minimizes the heat affected zone (HAZ) and an ultrastable granite platform supports a wide range of cutting geometries with almost no burrs or edge hardening, minimizing any post-processing requirements. High-speed laser cutting results in higher throughput than traditional technologies.

For this application, we recommend: ExactCut 430

laser welding of implants

Welding of titanium implants and prosthetics

Coherent laser welding systems create ultra-fine weld seams in titanium alloys that are barely visible to the human eye. Our integrated scanner technology enables fast and accurate welding that can create a hermetic seal with up to 80% spatter reduction and unmatched process stability.For this application, we recommend: ExactWeld

Welding of surgical instruments

Welding of surgical instruments

Our manual welding laser systems provide a wide range of welding capabilities, supporting both semi-automated and manual operation for maximum production flexibility. The precise CNC system with unique teach-in and replay-mode simplifies difficult applications and delivers extremely fine welds with high strength and excellent process consistency.

For this application, we recommend: Select, Performance Family