Laser Training Program

Education, Training & More Product Information

Training leads to productivity!

Coherent offers training courses in our Laser Training Center or at your site. Training can help to maintain optimum laser performance, increase the life of your laser, and improve your product quality. In addition, we offer custom courses tailored to your specific requirements – preventative maintenance, process optimization, application development, and much more.

We offer:

  • Customer basic training to ensure the best operation of your laser
  • Customer advanced training to ensure the highest productivity of your system
  • Customized training adapted to your needs

Participants who successfully complete a laser training course will gain a level of knowledge and skill that will allow them to effectively and efficiently operate, optimize, and maintain their laser system.

The customer must have purchased and received a Coherent laser system before attending a training course.


Our instructors have extensive knowledge and experience in their areas of product specialty. They have gained their expertise through formal education and by working in various fields, such as manufacturing, customer service and engineering. Each instructor creates a professional and comfortable environment that is ideal for learning. All courses include both lecture and lab time with the emphasis on hands-on learning and individualized attention. Class sizes are small, ensuring a generous amount of personal attention.

Coherent Course Catalog:

To explore exactly what Coherent offers, download the latest version of the Coherent Laser Training Catalog of Courses below. In this booklet you will find complete course descriptions, key topics covered, and a list of prerequisites for each course. Additionally, you will find the information you will need to begin the registration process. There are some courses available that don’t appear on the training schedule. Coherent can also customize special courses to meet your specific training needs.


Coherent Laser Training Catalog of Courses for ILS

Coherent Laser Training Catalog of Courses for ILS

Coherent Laser Training Catalog of Courses for OLS

Coherent Laser Training Catalog of Courses for OLS